Well Hello there!!!! Im Barnaby Duke aka BB the Jerk. I was born and raised in the city you might have heard of called Los Angeles. Im a Rapper, Actor, Songwriter, and dancer and have been doing them all for several years. I was the first  Caucasian performer at the forefront of the Jerk Movement. My videos with my former group, The UCLA Jerk Kings, went viral, getting millions of views. I’ve opened up for acts like Drake, Trey Songz etc. Done national commercials such as Got Milk, Nike, and Target. I was in a TV series called “Gravity” on the STARZ network and also appeared on Disney Channels hit series Shake it Up. My ultimate passion overall is being a performer. Everything I’ve done ties in to this Power Group I have started with the most talented girl In this universe Mariah Parks and we call ourselves American Slang. YOLO








Hey! I’m Mariah Parks and I am originally from the great big state of Texas. I’ve had a passion for singing, dancing, and acting since I was four and have been going hard at it ever since. I was once a member of a pop group who traveled the US for a Radio Disney tour. I’ve done two seasons of the TV Show, “The Wannabes,” which is airing on STARZ in America and in 90 other countries. On set is where I belong, whether I am in front of the camera or behind the camera. I love making a vision really come to life; my goal is to be the next Spielberg;) I have recently joined up with BB The Jerk to form a power couple and we call ourselves “American Slang.” We represent what the new age American youth is all about: we are what we stand for. We have major projects underway and want you to be apart of the journey ….it’s gonna get cray cray!;)